Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 29, 2010

The Love Dare Challenge:

WOW! My what twists and turns life can give us. I never pictured Nolan and I to be having troubles in our marriage - our personalities are so compatible and complimentary of each other that I never saw this coming. The last few weeks have been full of trials and tribulations and lost tempers and ... just scary things that are NOT us! However, the Lord has shown to be great yet again. I am currently on day 7 of The Love Dare and am finding it a LOT easier than I thought. Patience never came easy to me, but since knowing Nolan the Lord has blessed me with a great deal more than I used to have. Utilizing my shut up filter has not always, alright - NEVER been very easy for me, but I've found that with God's guidance not only is there more patience to gain, but that it's actually quite easy to just "not say anything at all" :)

Of course God is NOT done with me yet, nor will he ever be, but I'm just VERY grateful for my bible studies and women surrounding me who know and understand this lifestyle. We currently have 23 months and 12 days til Nolan's ETS date (not that I'm counting) and are really looking forward to life "outside" the Military bubble. I am going to start searching for a job in either Flint or Lansing VERY soon, he's going to start taking pre-req's here in the winter semester that will transfer in to MSU and we're already looking at houses and trying REALLY hard to get debt free prior to moving back to MI. Knowing God's will (Kendrick) is teaching me that if we take it one day at a time the Lord will show us his plans for us - I myself am having trouble with this aspect because I want to be prepared for the future - BUT ... what if what WE have planned for 23 months and 14 days down the road is NOT God's plan for us? Then what do I do?

Today's prayer: Lord teach me to be patient, not only with my husband but with you and learn to take things at YOUR pace and in YOUR time!

Food for Thought: Thank the Lord each day for what he has given to you and will give you in the future! Even when you think something is NOT what you wanted, it's obviously what the Lord wants for you and pray for the ability to accept his plan in your life!

Enoch @ 7.5 months

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