Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 24, 2010


Why is it that when things seem to be going PERFECT (at least really well) we hit a bump in the road? I guess this goes for all aspects of life, and marriage is definitely NOT supposed to be "easy" all the time - but JEESH! As Pastor Mike said this morning "God LOVES when we're up, but he doesn't like us staying there too long - we may become unappreciative of what we have," and I've been trying to remind myself of that all day long, because I NEED to remind myself! I love my husband with my heart and soul, truly appreciate him and do NOT believe in divorce, but some days I wonder if it weren't for Enoch if throwing in the towel would be less stressful on both of us.

What marriage doesn't have it's ups and downs? Last week at bible study one of the ladies mentioned how as "military couples" we have some extra added stress that the "average" couple doesn't have. I have been thinking about that statement all week and FINALLY am at the point that I can agree with her. I didn't initially agree with it because every marriage is different and even those who are NOT in the military have to spend weeks, months and sometimes a year (or years) apart, and none of it is easy. But when you think about it we're apart 12 out of 24 months (on average), we make friends and then either PCS or move back and forth between home towns and post, we can choose to be a part of things and "deal" with the drama that is a part of most groups on post or not be involved - thus not have a voice or get information at a steady pace, you talk to our spouses whenever possible (NOT for a cheap price either) with half butt service that half the time doesn't work, and if our husbands are lucky enough to have internet - that is out half the time as well ... but what REALLY makes this lifestyle different from any other marriage/relationship?

I believe that distance makes the heart grow fonder but when the distance is marred with a homecoming that for us included the addition of a baby, dog and new house - it makes it extra hard for all parties involved. And then there's the potential for PTSD, adaptation to "normal" foods and reintegration to Garrison life for the soldier. There are PLENTY of things to worry about, even 8 months after reintegration!

What is a friend? What is YOUR definition of a "friend"? I believe that there are MANY different kinds of friends and to hold all the people that you meet to your OWN standard of a friend, I have found, is a disillusionment in your own mind. AS a friend I would like to hold myself to be honest, sincere, loyal, reliable, dependable (yes they're different) and honorable. So why is it so hard to find people with THOSE qualities? Am I looking in the wrong place? SO many people have become "fair weather friends" that I'm almost DONE trying to be all those things - even HALF those things. I'm not seriously under the impression that I myself am all those things, but I STRIVE to be and with the help of God have made a few amazing life long friends along the way - but what about friends right here where I am at? I KNOW that military life can be difficult, but isn't that more reason to befriend those around you who MAY just be going through the same thing? Not sure but it could just be me ... sometimes I live in my OWN little fantasy world where all things are perfect, so it very well could be ME!

And if you've made it this far - will you indulge me for a few more lines ... PLEASE if you are an American citizen I urge/beg you to get out and vote on November 2nd. Every state has mid-term elections and I urge you to PLEASE study/research/go to town hall meetings and debates/learn about the candidates YOURSELF and form your own opinions and VOTE! Our country is currently in our hands, and whether you like or hate politics it is your duty and right to get out there and make your voices heard! God gave us minds and individuality utilize these gifts to overcome the atrocity and joke that has become our current governing body!

And lastly, but not least, Enoch is thriving (of course) and will be 9 months old in 17 days! He now has his 5th tooth cutting (and taking it like a champ) and another right under the surface ready to cut. He is pulling himself up on EVERYTHING and even standing on his own (when HE wants to). He is walking (straight legged - it's SO cute) with the support of one finger held by one hand and I imagine will be walking by or around 9 months. Such an over achiever (have NO idea where he got THAT from LOL)! The doc has him eating high caloric food due to a lower weight and he LOVES his fruits :), and he's gaining weight again. We're very anxious for Halloween and will post pics soon.

Lastly my thought for the day: Are you the change in the world that you want to see?

Prayer for the day: Lord give me the strength to be the change that I want to see. Give me patience with my husband. And Father God, help me to love unconditionally and understand that I'm also an imperfect human.

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